Best Money-Making Ideas

best money making ideas

A third of adults say their best money ideas come when they’re lying in BED

  • Survey finds that the best place for many for creative inspiration is the bed
  • The shower also brings the best money making ideas flooding in, with the toilet too aiding thinking
  • Most innovations are thought up for arts and crafts, cooking and design
  • Proportion of top creations come from those living in London, Birmingham and Cardiff

People come up with their best money making ideas while lying in bed, suggests new research.

The shower and even the toilet are also inspirational locations, according to the survey.

The poll of 2,000 adults for online print and design firm Moo revealed that most creative and business ideas are conceived in bed (27 per cent).

Work (18 per cent), the shower (seven per cent) and the car (six per cent) were other surprise idea locations, along with the toilet – which is the setting for one in 25 ‘eureka’ moments (four per cent).

Brits come up with four creative and business projects every second – 117 million over the last year, according to the research.

Those aged 16 to 24 are the most inspired but, overall, nearly one in five (18 per cent) have already started work on their new venture.

Most commonly, these creative and business projects are for arts and crafts (16 per cent), followed by cooking and baking (13 per cent) and design (and 13 per cent). One in eight (12 per cent) have had an idea for a novel.

Passion for a particular hobby or interest is the motivation behind the majority of creative projects (33 per cent), followed by spotting a gap in the current market (30 per cent).

Frustration with existing products or technology (18 per cent) and determination to change life for the better (13 per cent) also rank highly.

Londoners plus people living in Birmingham and Cardiff have the highest proportion of new ideas, according to the research.

Richard Moross, founder and chief executive of Moo, said: ‘As an entrepreneur myself, I’m delighted that people are finding inspiration in a variety of creative and business projects and beginning to put these plans into action.

‘At Moo we’re passionate about helping people make their best money making ideas stand out and tell their unique stories.

‘Entrepreneurs and creatives are the lifeblood of our economy and deserve all the support we can give them.’