Coaching Benefits





In order to gain a competitive edge companies are challenging the traditional ways of developing their people. Organisations are increasingly using Performance Coaching to bring out the best in their employees. 51% of companies now consider this crucial to their strategy






With an ever-increasing range of learning and development options to choose from, why should you spend your training.

What results does it achieve?

It is an invaluable tool for developing employees across a wide range of needs. The benefits of this are many; 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment and more (ICF 2009).

Coaching provides an invaluable space for personal development. For example, managers are frequently presented with employees struggling with low confidence. The traditional approach would be to send them on an Assertiveness course and hope this addresses the issue. In the short-term, the employee learns new strategies for communicating which may improve confidence. Unfortunately, in isolation these courses rarely produce a sustained increase in confidence. Although external behavior may change; it needs to be supported by changes in their internal thought processes. This is often where it is most effective.

Managers should not underestimate the impact of coaching on their people as it frequently creates a fundamental shift in their approach to their work. For example, increased self-confidence enables employees to bring more of themselves into the workplace. This results in employees being more resilient and assertive.

  • Empowers individuals and encourages them to take responsibility
  • Improves individual performance
  • Helps identify solutions to problems
  • Helps to motivate and reinvigorate longer serving employees
  • Displays organisational commitment to employee development
  • Provides a tool kit for employees to make their own decisions, and take action
  • Leads to improved job performance, motivation and job satisfaction
  • It makes employees feel valued and improves staff retention
  • Supports reorganization and restructuring


The relationship between coach and client is the single most important factor to achieving your desired outcomes. It is essential that you feel comfortable and motivated by your chosen practitioner and you should feel they offer empathy, respect and genuineness. Before investing, a good practitioner listens and observes to gain an understanding of your individual needs and the overall objectives of the organisation. Once this is established, a customized plan should be developed in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

Your coach should provide structured support to enhance the knowledge and abilities the participant already has.

Business mentorship  is an excellent way to receive advice, feedback, and planning strategies on how to operate your business successfully. One-on-one sessions that facilitate interaction enable you to learn new skills to achieve both personal and business goals. 

Mentor coaching is designed to help you set and take action on your business goals with the primary aim of business development. It is proven methods where you can learn how to master the skills that will assist you successfully operate your business.

Business plans for small business can be very straightforward and easy to develop. Even for a simple business plan, you need to describe your vision in such a way that it really motivates you. The best way to develop your business plan is to create a business system around it.

This is where a good Business Coach can help you construct, manage, and develop a pathway that will expand you personally and at the same time growing your business. The approach is very inclusive. 

MOBE specialize in this essential business component of mentorship. They have built an entire business system around the support and development of one on one coaching for its members. It is a vital component of the business system that has made MOBE the great success it is today.