Productivity Hacks For Those Who Work From Home

work from home

Ever since the internet has become an integral part of our lives,online employment is on the rise. We have often seen how various companies are saving on the real estate space and asking employees to work from home. On the other hand, new moms and dads, and also people with jobs that require only a computer system and internet access are quickly turning their bedrooms into office desks.

The regular 10am-5pm jobs are almost a thing of the past now. The increasing creative streak among people demands flexibility of office hours. MNCs including Dell, Xerox, Apple, Aon are giving the liberty to its employees.

We suggest a few tips on how to be more productive.

Work from Home Hacks

Make a plan
Setting up a schedule is one of the most important tasks before you begin working. Your mobile can come handy in this case. Set up an alarm and reminders.
For best results, you can break the day into three sessions. The first phase, ‘Catch up’, begins 10-15 minutes before your office hours begin. Here you check mails, respond to some, call some people you will need inputs from. The second session is collaboration with colleagues, team mates and managers. Once the day’s work is streamlined, get into the ‘serious work’ session.

Dress up
Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you begin your day in your comfortable pair of pyjamas. We aren’t asking you to suit up but at least get some decent shirts and trousers. This will give you a feel good factor and a professional feeling to work more.

Keep your telecommunication separate
You should keep two phone numbers, two email ids and two messengers, each for personal and official use. This will help you concentrate more on office work as personal calls would go to the other phone. Also during this time, avoid taking personal phone calls, if it’s not that urgent.

Minimize social networking
We know Facebook and Twitter are a big lure for you. They help you in building network. Stay away from these social networking sites while working from home. While scheduling the day, make sure you don’t spend much time on social media.

Lunch with colleagues
If you are away from the office and missing out the regular office fun, ask your colleagues to join in for lunch some day. This will relieve you of the stress and task. Also, take a break with the bunch of office colleagues once in a while at the nearest coffee shower.

Stay away from guests
Whenever you work from home, friends and family would like to spend some time with you. But remember, it’s your office you have brought home. Try not to entertain them when you work. Keep a separate time slot to spend with your near and dear ones.,filterby-2.cms